evangelos poulinas

choreographer + teacher

i share therefore i am

i share therefore i am is a hich-pace performance pranslation of our existance and socialization in the online realm of social media. Alternating between real and fake, many identities and different performance arts, the piece offers a critical glimpse to our times' online obsession, its trends and its dangers. With subtle humor, directness and paraphrasing, invites the viewers to reflect on their own online identity and social behavior as two figures meet, morph and communicate in it's web.

premiered in TIF- Theater in Fridricianum Museum, Kassel- as part of "EMOJI" at the 2016/17 season of Staatstheater Kassel.

choreography- Evangelos Poulinas
performers- Karim Afoun, Niv Melamed
length- 38 minutes
upcoming shows- 18.12 at TiF (Theater in Fridricianum, Kassel)
set design- Matthieu Götz
costumes and assistance- Michael Lindner
the concept
"I share therefore I am" explores the role social media plays in identity construction and the presentation of the self in the age of internet. The piece utilizes the way social media users show their selves, rather than tell about their selves to reveal hidden and chosen aspects of their personality. Moreover it deals with the way users edit their experiences and choose their "likes" carefully to create a controlled desired representation of themselves. The piece asks whether we got addicted to sharing our experiences, and when does this need to share our identity, aiming to be "liked", becomes compulsive. In this social environment we focus on the individual behind the profile, and check how possible it is to fulfill the desire to connect through online social behavior.

"I share therefore I am" aims to translate the online personal and social experience into a real life situation. The aesthetics are inspired by the interface of social media and social media phenomena, such as viral videos, action buttons (like, star, retweet, share, comments, selfies and posts).
the piece

Two characters enter a new realm and put on an assortment of personalities and
expressions. On the way, they learn how to take a selfie, how to communicate with the new tools of this world (pokes, hearts, etc.), and how to cope with the manic flow of information and stimuli flooding them. Whether expressing their voice, or taken over by the voice dictated by the environment, the characters try desperately to get approved and liked. The characters fluctuate between enjoying the ride, getting lost in it or getting run by it.